Tuesday, April 22, 2008

YouTube and Heart Attack Stories

I can't catch my breath....

Olivia Newton-John, Heart Attack, 1982

There is something even more personal about seeing and hearing a person as they tell the story, rather than reading the printed words.

One of the benefits to listening to these stories on Youtube is to hear how the symptoms of the heart attack were different in each case, particularly among the woman.

These stories can all be found by typing "heart attack" in the search engine; one has to go quite deep into Youtube to find them.

(Most of the search results for "heart attack" are music videos. Olivia Newton-John has the following symptoms in her video:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Weak Legs
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Can't catch her breath

At least one of these is a real symptom of a heart attack.)


Heart Attack Survivor Stories on Youtube

Woman who felt nauseous and thought she had food poisoning

("I can't have a heart attack. I'm a woman.)



Feels incredibly tired, sweating, chest pain, vomiting,



Act in time to have a heart attack, Hollywood heart attacks, excellent review of symptoms.



Twenty-five year old rapper Plat from Philadelphia tells his story from the hospital. (41,000 views)


Nausea, fatigue and depression in a woman who flatlined, produced by www.womeanheart.org/, two videos.
Two stories, produced by http://www.shapesociety.org/.

Twenty-year old who had a heart attack, "I should have died".



First person account of "how I did everything wrong and had a heart attack" .



Cathy Rich talks about the heart attack of her father, Buddy Rich.


A TV heart attack, "Neighbors".

George of Seinfield experiences indigestion thinks he is having a heart attack.


Olivia Newton John